General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and conditions are valid for the contractual relations
between speisekarte-uebersetzung and its clients.

These relations are based on confidentiality.

The contract with speisekarte-uebersetzung shall be valid after the written confirmation of order sent by client.
Any confirmation sent by mail and electronically documented will also be valid as confirmation of order.

The copyright and all rights of use will remain at speisekarte-uebersetzung until full payment of purchase price.

Complaints will be foreclosed at the end of ten days delay after receiving of translation.

In case of justified complaints speisekarte-uebersetzung will be authorized to optimize
translation. If improvement fails, client will have right to cancel order.

Deadlines will be valid only, if speisekarte-uebersetzung has confirmed them in written form or per Email.

In case of default of speisekarte-uebersetzung client has to accord an adequate delay for
translation. Only in case of this time having expired unsuccessfully, the client is authorized to
demand cancellation or reduction. Additional claims will be excluded.

Sending texts back will take place only on client’s express demand at client’s risk. The service
provided by speisekarte-uebersetzung will be considered fulfilled, when translation is delivered at the post or by performing a logged input into the agreed-upon electronic transmission.

Verbal agreements shall not be legally valid unless confirmed by speisekarte-uebersetzung in writing.

Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

In case of client being in default of payment, he will be charged of default interest at 7 % without any further reminder.

Place of performance and court of jurisdiction agreed between the parties is Neunkirchen/
Saarland/ Germany.

German law shall apply.